Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Request for Prayer

I will be away for a week. I have been invited to be the Lenten Mission speaker at the parish of St. Jude in Blairstown, NJ. Starting with a night of Adoration, where my wife and I do the music, I then continue for the next four evenings with sermons based on the seven deadly sins.

After over 30 years of preaching ministry I should know what to do, but this is a new context for me. Evangelicals and Catholics often have "different sets of ears," meaning we do not say or hear things the same way. Part of the alienation is that the two groups can use a common word with enough difference of meaning that it creates frustration and even hostility.

My Heart for God ministry was birthed in a desire to encourage people to live with deep commitment to Jesus Christ. If the Spirit of God brings my name to you over the next week, pray that my presence with the people of St Jude will be something of a tangible presence of Jesus, and that we all will be more encouraged to follow the One who died for us so that we can live.

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