Saturday, October 3, 2009

Viewer Discretion

I do not watch much television. Other than maybe a segment of evening news, we usually watch only the Masterpiece series on PBS on Sunday evenings.

Right now I am recovering from knee replacement surgery and it is the fall football season. No other sport remotely interests me, but I do enjoy watching football. So, with my leg propped up, I sit and at least semi-watch several football games on Saturday and Sunday.

I sometimes notice the commercials (usually I hit "mute" on the remote). What I have particularly noticed recently are the new season promos, especially the one for "Modern Family"on ABC. And I wonder: how are decent people responding to this? Even more, how are Christians who take their commitment to Jesus seriously processing this? Do we see, right before our eyes, a masterful propaganda program to wear down our resistance to what is unrighteous and wicked? As the prophet said, values are being distorted; evil is called good and the good is being cast as evil.

There is a battle for our hearts, and it is being waged against our minds. If we can be inoculated so that we lose all bearing of God's Truth, "faith" is merely an illusion in our minds.

Beware. Practice viewer discretion.

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