Thursday, December 31, 2009


Holidays are a break in the routine, which can be a good and refreshing thing. Often there is more "down time," and I assume many of us spend extra time with extended family.

I also find that a break in the routine can be destructive to prayer. Those of us who pray the Liturgy practice "ordered" prayer – and a break in routine is quite antithetical to ordered prayer.

Add to that a malevolent "spirit of Christmas" that is obsessed with materialism and other self-indulgences which seems to permeate the atmosphere even when one tries to avoid it, and so the holidays can result in an all-out war against holy days.

One solution is so obvious: keep the order, even when other daily routines are broken. It seems so simple.... but that malevolent spirit fights such a sensible decision.

I need mercy – the very thing that Jesus brings. Merry Christmas!

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