Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Hymn

Another Hymn

I’m still thinking about hymns that should not be lost, especially at a time when “popular” Christian songs tend so heavily toward “sweetness and lite.” The following was written by John Newton, the author of “Amazing Grace.”

Day of judgment! day of wonders!

Hark the trumpet’s awful sound,

Louder than a thousand thunders,

Shakes the vast creation round.

How the summons will the sinner’s heart confound.

See the Judge, our nature wearing,

Clothed in majesty divine;

You who long for his appearing

Then shall say, “This God is mine!”

Gracious Savior, own me in that day as thine.

At his call the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea;

All the pow’rs of nature, shaken

By his looks, prepare to flee.

Careless sinner, what will then become of thee?

But to those who have confessed,

Loved and served the Lord below,

He will say, Come near, ye blessed,

See the kingdom I bestow;

You forever shall my love and glory know.

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