Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christians and (the right) Church

When I talk or write about my move to the Catholic Church, some non-Catholics think I'm saying they cannot be good Christians without being Catholic. Not so! But those who see fullness in Catholicism cannot act as if they do not. I came to faith and followed Jesus for almost 50 years in my former ecclesial context.

I recently had a written exchange with a dear Christian from my former congregation who seems to be following Jesus with a whole heart (I say "seems" because we look at outward evidence, not a person's heart). I thought it might be helpful to share part of my response....

The Lord does not leave us where we are - ever, as long as we are in this world; we are always called to be growing into His fullness. I have come to believe that is only possible within the Catholic Church.

That is not to say I believe that Catholicism, as modeled, is perfect nor even always right. It is not to say that those outside the CC are not following Jesus with whole hearts (just not whole minds, which none of us have alone).

Sometimes I think: "What if all Christians "merely" lived up to what they know? (!!) It is not so much new/more teaching we need; we need passionate leaders who help us feel impoverished if we aren't giving the Lord EVERYTHING... EVERYDAY.

Seek to do that where you are, and let the Lord lead you to the next step.... always.

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