Monday, April 11, 2011

Just As I Am

I am deeply grateful for a gospel that invites me to come to Jesus "just as I am."

I am also very thankful that Jesus does not leave me "just as I am," but prunes and purges and refines so that I can hope to be holy as He is holy.

Christianity is more than forgiveness. Christian Faith is transformative. Christian life is, by its very nature, distinctive.

I am always coming to Jesus "just as I am," but as the years pass I am aware that I am not coming "as I was"; there is evidence of change "from glory to glory."

My friend, Paul Clark, has a song that contains the lyrics:
If seeing was the only way to believe in reality,
I'd have to say I believe 'cause I've seen the change in me.

"Just as I am," but not to stay that way....

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