Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Essence of Christianity

A great read is Peter Seewald's Benedict XVI: An Intimate Portrait (Ignatius Press). This is one of Seewald's observations....

"What is truly original about Jesus?" I had wondered. It was not his moral teaching. Or his teaching about God. His demands are a renewal of what already existed. What was new, however, was his way, his authentic example, his bequest of the Last Supper, his death, his Resurrection – and his authority. His deeds were also new. What was the saying? "In morality, as in art, talking is nothing; action, all." A rule that obviously applies likewise to religion. So it was not the word alone that made Jesus so powerful. With precision, John the evangelist added, "And the Word became flesh." For what is new is his claim: I am the one! I, and no one else. What is new is his promise: "I leave you my Spirit." And his proclamation is new, "I shall come again." (p.181)

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