Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spiritual Inequities

It should be apparent to the most casual thinker that not all Christians have the same level of commitment and understanding.  Of course, there is an issue of personal responsibility:  am I giving myself as fully as possible to my Lord?  What does it mean to seek God above all else?  Where should one draw the line with attention to this-world?

One thing to remember is this word of wisdom from long ago by Saint Maximus the Confessor:

The Word of God, born once in the flesh (such is his kindness and his goodness), is always willing to be born spiritually in those who desire him. In them he is born as an infant as he fashions himself in them by means of their virtues. He reveals himself to the extent that he knows someone is capable of receiving him. He diminishes the revelation of his glory not out of selfishness but because he recognizes the capacity and resources of those who desire to see him. (From the Five Hundred Chapters by Saint Maximus the Confessor, abbot,  Centuria 1, 8-13: PG 90, 1182-1186)

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