Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Too Easy?

Wednesday: 11 July, 2012 –– 14th Week of Ordinary Time (Cycle B)
Hosea 10:1–3, 7–8, 12 / Matthew 10:1–7
Too Easy?
If we listen to modern wisdom at all we know the peril of being a couch potato. Too much sitting and lying around –– taking life too easy –– is a major hazard to physical health. The same is true in our souls. If we always take the path of least resistance, cutting ethical corners and making moral rationalizations, our souls shrivel and die.
Hosea was writing to a people who thought things were going great. The harvests were good, but instead of a deepening thanksgiving and loyalty to God, there was presumption and a celebration of temporal pleasures. Hosea warns that if God has to cause hard times in order to jolt a bit of spiritual reality, it will indeed happen.
We live in probably the most comfortable society the world has ever known. If we think about the general attitudes around us we can quickly recognize spiritual lethargy, a love of convenience and pleasure, and a sense of entitlement.  Things can be too good –– too easy –– and the price can eventually be devastating.
No earthly “king” (politician) is going to save us. The more we try to live independent of God, the more we invite disaster upon the things we have come, as a society, to love so much –– our idols.  It is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain down justice upon you.

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Unknown said...

How profound! This message should be on television commercials instead of the "slam the other candidate" ones. What an awesome God we have, and what a comfort that He is sovereign!

We are so in need of revived relationships with Him. Our culture should be exclaiming our thanks for all He is and has given us.

Your words speak to my heart. Thank you for blogging them for your readers.

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