Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Presence of Jesus

Tuesday: 18 September, 2012 –– 24th Week in Ordinary Time
1Corinthians 12:12–14, 27–31a / Luke 7:11–17
The Presence of Jesus

We can only imagine how the presence of Jesus affected this woman who was so stricken with grief. From her deep grief to the joy of seeing her son restored to life, this mother had come face to face with the love and power of the Son of God. She would forever-after live with the effect of the presence of Jesus.

St Paul invites us to believe something profound about the power of the gospel: we can be the presence of Jesus to the people we meet each day! Think about this: in one Spirit we were all baptized into one Body.... we were all given to drink of one Spirit –– the Spirit of Jesus.

I occasionally give an “assignment” to my hearers. Some have heard it before and will likely hear it again. In the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror –– brushing your teeth or combing your hair –– look yourself in the eyes and affirm your faith in Jesus, and then say to yourself: "the Spirit of God has been given to me. . . the risen Son of God lives in me. . . Father God is enabling me to show something of himself through my life!" Then ask the Lord to make that a reality in your life throughout the day.

It does not matter what your job or spiritual gift or role in the church might be. St Paul says we each have a place in Christ’s Body. What matters is that we know that we were all given to drink of one Spirit. As you embrace the reality of that in your life, you can be to others the presence of Jesus.

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