Saturday, December 15, 2012

What To Do?

I put the following on my Facebook page about yesterday's school shooting....

Lots of emotion in the wake of today's events... A sad day and a horrible thing. Many are already calling for gun control as THE answer. We must face the current situation, and that will likely mean more gun control - if for no other reason than to appease public perception. Yet guns have been readily available in our country for over 200 years, but we have not had this kind of indiscriminate ab

use until quite recently. I grew up with guys having shotguns in the back of the trucks they drove to school so they could go hunting immediately afterwards. IF everyone was like me (for example) we could carry guns on airplanes, into schools and anywhere else (not sure why we'd need to!), but the point is - a gun is an inanimate object; it is used by someone who usually chooses what to do with it, and it is that person's nature and values which will affect that choice. At same time, we have devolved into a culture that is unwilling to make judgments about people. In the name of "equity" it seems that if "someone" might misuse a gun, then no one should have one. Further, we refuse to "profile" people and, again, make judgments of who is "good" and who is not –– and we do not take the same measures against people who are not "good" in the way that society did several generations ago. This is a highly complex issue and is rooted ultimately in worldview. Right now we seem to have a majority of people who are not willing to think and act on the basis of Natural Law and absolutes.... and we can't do that without a spiritual revival that goes to the core of all we are and do. My faith is weak for such a thing to happen without even further suffering, so I guess some measure of "control" is all that is left.... It is a sad day - and era - in America. Francis Schaeffer foretold a time in this country when lawlessness would become so bad that people will embrace totalitarian control to get some peace and security..... Again, the America that was is no more.

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