Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Faith––A Different Way of Seeing

Tuesday: 21 May, 2013 –– 7th Week in Ordinary Time
Sirach 2:1–11 / Mark9:30–37
Faith––A Different Way of Seeing

Again and again the Scriptures show us that faith is a different way of seeing. Faith gives a different perspective about everything in this world.

The disciples are a case study for developing faith. There is an honesty in the New Testament presentation. To have become the Apostolic foundation for the Christian Faith and the Church, they were not so impressive from the beginning. In today’s Gospel Jesus is telling his disciples about his coming death.... and they are arguing among themselves about which of them is the greatest!

That is an issue of faith.  It is a way of seeing. Non-faith says “Take care of Number One.” Non-faith says, “I-Me-Mine.” Non-faith says, “Me First.” Non-faith says, You toucha my truck, I breaka your face.

Jesus says, “If you want to be first, choose to be last.”  “Be a servant to everyone else.” “Live humbly and dependent like a child.”  It takes faith to do those things.

And who can be patient with hardships and trials? Much of pop-Christianity is presented as Jesus being the icing on the cake of the good life. One popular mega-church pastor has written a book called Your Best Life Now. Sirach says, Accept whatever befalls you; when sorrowful, be steadfast, and in crushing misfortune be patient. Why? For in fire gold and silver are tested, and worthy people in the crucible of humiliation. Christian Faith teaches that the fullness of God’s life –– eternal life ––  is beyond life in this world as we now know it.

The wisdom words of Sirach and the teachings of our Lord only make sense in a context of faith –– a different way of seeing.

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