Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Word of Peace

Tuesday: 2 July, 2013 –– 13th Week in Ordinary Time
Matthew 8:23-27
The Word of Peace

When we face the various storms in life Jesus sometimes can seem "asleep in the boat" –– he is modeling his full trust fully in the Father and offering us the same opportunity. He wants us to “wake him” (i.e., turn to him) so he can answer our prayers. He wants us to ask him to calm the storms of our lives. So, like the apostles, we can turn to Jesus and pray, “Save us.” If we simply ask (and trust!), we find a peace that the world cannot give.

Jesus does this by his word because HE is the Word Incarnate. Sometimes this happens for us by a calming of the storm; other times Jesus gives us his peace in the midst of the storm as it rages. Either way, the result is the “peace that passes all understanding.”

Ask... Trust.... Find his peace....

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