Saturday, March 29, 2014


March 30, 2014 –– 4th Sunday in Lent
John 9:1–41

The Scriptures use blindness as an analogy of sin. But there is a twist––a paradox: Those who are physically blind know it. On the other hand, those most blinded by sin are those who are most adamant about what they think they “see.”

Being able to see––spiritually––means:
––not being wise in our own eyes
––not merely looking on the outward appearance
––not embracing the views of those around us just because they are popular
––not even “adjusting” Christian Faith to our own perceptions

Seeing means looking first to Jesus.... and humbly accepting that we only know Jesus truly through the witness of the Church.

It is in coming to Jesus and His Church, admitting our own blindness, that we begin to see.

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