Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ISIS and Refugees: Thinking Out Loud

Instead of being "devil's advocate", I hope this in some way is indeed an advocacy of what the Spirit would say to those who embrace the word "Christian". I understand the hesitancy.... even the fear of ISIS and the refugee situation, et al. I understand that many look at this FIRST from the perspective of being an "American." Yet deep in my spirit I hear One who said, "Do not fear the one able to kill the body...." and I can't escape the core fact that we follow One who chose to lay down his life rather than retaliate against the evil ones who abused him. And on top of that, Peter writes in his first letter that Christians are called to follow, in suffering, the One who went ahead of us in just that way. Perhaps if more "Christians" were giving themselves in total selflessness, the world would have a different model of "radical" to consider and a better option of something beyond this world worth living–and dying–for. Now, in saying this I readily confess that "I" do NOT want to suffer! "I" would prefer living in "American privilege" the rest of my days. But by the grace of our Lord, a deeper "I" desires to FIRST be a loyal follower of the One who called us by saying, "Take up your cross and follow me." It doesn't make good politics, but there is a glory (for those with eyes to see) that transcends this world that is passing away. Lord, have mercy on our world.

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