Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The particular circumstances are ultimately inconsequential, but the past couple of months have had several hard things that made most days feel heavy and sad (not apart from times when a realization of peace and joy are there, yet the “groaning” mentioned in Romans 8 has been the greater reality).

Today’s Office of Readings includes a letter from Raymond of Penyafort that, while saying nothing “new,” speaks with the life of the Spirit into our days when we feel buffeted in this world:

The preacher of God’s truth has told us that all who want to live righteously in Christ will suffer persecution. If he spoke the truth and did not lie, the only exception to this general statement, I think, the person who either neglects, or does not know how, to live temperately, justly and righteously in this world.

May you never be numbered among those whose house is peaceful, quiet and free from care; those on whom the Lord’s chastisement does not descend; those who live out their days in prosperity, and in the twinkling of any eye will go down to hell.

.....If from time to time you feel the sword falling on you with double or treble force, this also should be seen as sheer joy and the mark of love.

....As you drink the cup of the Lord Jesus (how glorious it is!) give thanks to the Lord, the giver of all blessings.

We go into this world following the One who, through His death and resurrection, is leading us into the fullness of a Life we cannot comprehend.

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