Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Special Treat

My wife and I are in South Carolina visiting our extended families. In the coming and going between her folks and mine I drive through Greenville. This morning my schedule allowed a mid-morning treat at IHOP with Fr Dwight Longenecker (“Standing on My Head” — see blog side bar).

I have been privileged to meet “live” with Fr Dwight several times, and it is always a joy to share journeys and experience the fresh delight of God at work. In each of us who belong to Him, Jesus is writing a story (a wonderful awareness heightened by C. S. Lewis).

So, a “public” thanks to Fr D for his time and the great fellowship in the Spirit. On this occasion he introduced me to another pilgrim on the way whose past intersected with some of my contacts.

I am reminded again that The Way is well-traveled, the Church is both huge and yet surprisingly intimate, and the Communion of the Saints is around us all the time.

Journey on.....

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