Thursday, September 3, 2009

Identity Gap

With more time this week to reflect (and trying to read despite the narcotic pain meds), I have been thinking about the gap between Catholicism (the true Catholic Faith) and the various models/voices/expressions which are modeled by Catholics (the broken, human side which is most easily seen).

I think of my dear Protestant and Evangelical brothers and sisters who cannot see past the poor models and confusing semantics.

I think of the many Catholics who seem to have no idea what the Church truly teaches, or if they do, why.

I think of a world who is dying, so needing to see Jesus.

If I am claiming the name of Jesus, something of His beauty needs to be seen in me. That is the fruit of the Spirit.

Lord, have mercy.

Heal the divisions of your people.

Let your life in us be our greatest desire.

Save us from the "gap" of owning your name and not being like you.

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