Friday, June 18, 2010

A Nugget from St Cyprian

This was a paragraph from the Office of Readings a couple of days ago:

All Christ did, all he taught, was the will of God. Humility in our daily lives, an unwavering faith, a moral sense of modesty in conversation, justice in acts, mercy in deed, discipline, refusal to harm others, a readiness to suffer harm, peaceableness with our brothers, a whole-hearted love of the Lord, loving in him what is of the Father, fearing him because he is God, preferring nothing to him who preferred nothing to us, clinging tenaciously to his love, standing by his cross with loyalty ad courage whenever there is any conflict involving his honor and his name, manifesting in our speech the constancy of our profession and under torture confidence for the fight, and in dying the endurance for which we will be crowned – this is what it means to wish to be a coheir with Christ, to keep God's command; this is is what it means to do the will of the Father. (From a treatise on the Lord's Prayer by Saint Cyprian)

Quite a long sentence! And quite a standard as we seek to have the mind of Christ as we follow him with whole hearts.

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