Thursday, August 5, 2010

Living in Two Worlds

Much of my recent focus has been on what it means to follow Jesus faithfully in this distracting and disconcerting world. From necessary temporal things to those which are mostly worthless (or even evil), there is an ongoing interference that would cloud our vision of God and cause us to treat Him as peripheral (even when in our mind we are thinking we are totally committed). This is the spiritual battle we all face, and the Scriptures identify and address it different ways.

Often we can best see this if we are discerning as we follow events and issues going on around us and in the news. As the world seems to unravel more and more, the contrasting choice –– and hope –– that God gives us in His Son becomes more and more astounding. As I age (I’ll hit another decade next year) and become more aware than ever that this life comes and goes all too quickly, I take heart in the good news that this world is not all there is. I remember a wall hanging that was prominent in my younger years: “Only one life –– T’will soon be past / Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

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