Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Convenience, Passion and Humility

Wednesday: 3 October, 2012 –– 26th Week in Ordinary Time
Job 9:1–12, 14–16 / Luke 9:57–62
Convenience, Passion and Humility

Today’s readings bring three words to mind:  convenience, passion, and humility....

We are so oriented to convenience.  A push of a button initiates more “quick and easy” items than we could count. Convenience is so common that we think it is a personal affront if we have to wait. This affects our attitudes and our spirits become infected.  We can begin to think that following Jesus should be convenient. He makes it clear in today’s Gospel this is not so.

Jesus wants us to follow him with passion. He wants first place in our lives. If we listen and observe, we hear passion all around us. People are passionate about politics (especially right now).  People are passionate about sports. People often express passion –– quite negative passion –– when they are inconvenienced.  Our calling as Christians is to be passionate about Jesus and his way of life.

This takes me to the third word: humility.  The readings in Job should take us quickly to humility.  God is God, and we are not!  Our Creator-Redeemer God calls us to know him and to be like him.  That should take care of our humility; we fall so far short.

If we embrace humility and pray to follow Jesus with whole hearts, we will grow in our passion of his kingdom ways –– and it will temper our passion for personal convenience.

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