Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Holy Guardian Angels

Tuesday: 2 October, 2012 –– 26th Week in Ordinary Time
Exodus 23:20–23 / Matthew 18:1–5, 10
The Holy Guardian Angels

Our world is in a spiritual fog. It is easy to get up and go through our days seeing only what is before us. We buy into the rationalism of unbelief and operate on the basis of physical cause and effect.

Christian Faith gives the realization that there is an unseen world all around us.  There are angels and demons. C.S. Lewis wrote a marvelous book about temptation –– The Screwtape Letters –– from the perspective of a personal demon trying to subvert a man and aid in his damnation. Today the Church celebrates a far more pleasant truth: we each have a guardian angel given by God to help on our journey to salvation.

Think about it. God is on his throne. The Son of God is at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. Cherubs and seraphs cry out in worship.  The assembly of the saints joins in, and our guardian angels are at work –– right now –– to encourage us to join that heavenly throng.

Let’s not succumb to the mind-numbing stupor of those who will not see the glory of the unseen. Let’s give thanks for the gift of our guardian angel. And let’s fix our eyes on Jesus so that all the heavenly hosts will know that we are friends and family. Our angel is here to help us!

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